Jackson Browne poster: Looking East vintage album flat (1996)

Item# : FLAT2003

Jackson Browne poster: Looking East vintage album flat (1996)

This is a vintage, approximately 12" X 12" promotional item known as an LP or Album Flat. Flats are thin pieces of cardstock that have traditionally been sent to record stores to serve as posters to promote an upcoming LP/CD by an artist. The flat is double-sided and is advertising the release of the 1996 Jackson Browne LP entitled Looking East. The flat remains in GOOD condition with several very small, light creases in its surface and quite a few small indentations that look as if they were made by something similar to the point of a pen. When looking straight at the flat, it is difficult to see the creases or the indentations.

PLEASE NOTE: This album flat poster will be shipped flat. This item does not contain a record album and is not a record album sleeve, but a vintage promotional poster that was sent to record stores to promote the release of the album.