Men Don't Leave movie poster [Jessica Lange/Arliss Howard/Joan Cusack]

Item# : FOS0045

Men Don't Leave movie poster [Jessica Lange/Arliss Howard/Joan Cusack]

This is an original, 27" X 40" folded one-sheet movie poster for the 1990 drama entitled Men Don't Leave. This poster was issued to American movie theatres upon the film's 1990 U.S. release. The poster is folded into eighths, which was standard procedure for theatrical one-sheets prior to the mid to late 1980s. The poster remains in GOOD condition with light wear to its fold mark areas, two extra folds across the upper and lower half of the poster, and some minor bending/light creasing in other areas of its surface. The colors are still sharp and bright. The poster features Jessica Lange, Arliss Howard, Joan Cusack, and Chris O'Donnell. The poster will be shipped folded and flat to better protect it.