All orders ship from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

For all orders being shipped to a destination within the United States, we utilize USPS as our shipper. (Please note that due to heavily increasing and unpredictable Residential Surcharges and Dimensional Shipping Weights, we are currently NOT shipping using UPS.)

Shipping price is determined by USPS based upon the calculated weight of your order. When you are in our checkout, all of the USPS shipping options available to you will appear once your zip code has been entered (we appreciate your patience, for there can sometimes be a slight delay retrieving the shipping options). Once your shipping options come up, choose whichever shipping method you prefer. Below is information that will allow you to better determine how quickly your package will arrive using the various shipping methods that we offer.

PLEASE NOTE: Allow 1-2 business days for processing before your order ships, although on some occasions we may be able to ship out your order on the same day that you placed it.

USPS Methods:

USPS First Class Mail shipping is available for packages weighing less than 13 ounces. USPS First Class Mail will generally take 3-7 mailing days for delivery once the package has shipped (though we have seen some delays when shipping during the holiday season.) Prices will vary dependent upon the weight of the package. Most rolled posters, unless otherwise noted, will have a shipping and handling charge between $3.90 and $4.95 for the USPS First Class service.

USPS Priority Mail shipping is available for all packages within the U.S. Priority Mail will generally take 2-3 mailing days for delivery once the package has shipped (though during the holiday season, Priority Mail can take up to 5-6 days at times). USPS now insures all packages up to a $50.00 value when using Priority Mail. Priority Mail prices will vary depending upon weight and destination.

USPS Priority Mail Express (formerly USPS Express Mail) shipping is available for all packages when you need them in a hurry. USPS Priority Mail Express takes 1-2 mailing days (usually 1 day) once the package is shipped. We try to ship out USPS Priority Mail Express packages within one day of the order when possible. USPS Express Mail is insured by USPS for damage to the contents of the package and offers a time guarantee for delivery. Priority Mail Express prices will vary dependent upon weight and destination.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Due to recent issues shipping internationally, we now only offer the USPS service of USPS Priority Mail International (usually 1-2 weeks for delivery and insured).  We are currently only shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTIONS: Due to the new VAT rules instituted by the European Union, we are no longer shipping to any European  countries at this time. We still ship to Canada. We currently ship to Japan, but no other countries in Asia. We currently ship to South America with the exception of Argentina. We are currently not shipping to Mexico or any other Central American countries. However, please note that we reserve the right to refuse to ship to some countries, and apologize for the inconvenience.