Welcome to MOVIE POSTERS ETC.!!!

We are an online store that offers movie posters, both theatrical and video rental store posters, action figures, music posters, sports posters, TV posters, art posters, pinbacks, magnets, movie star biographies and so much more, all at affordable prices. Please note that we currently do not have a physical location.

Movie Posters Etc. Ltd. is a registered LLC in the state of Ohio.  The company is located in Cleveland, OH, and was started by four friends who love movies, and who love to share their passion for film and entertainment with others.  What better way is there to show your appreciation for film than to own a piece of movie memorabilia?

Movie Posters Etc. cares about the environment. Whenever possible, we will utilize recycled shipping materials, such as shipping boxes and cartons, as well as packing materials. When we do purchase new shipping peanuts, we only buy those made from biodegradable cornstarch, which makes them friendly to the environment. Movie Posters Etc. understands that this world is the only one we have, and in our own small way, we can help in keeping it beautiful.