Clothesline Promo Album Flats from the 1970s

What are clothesline album flats?

Clothesline-style Paper Album Flats were produced by record companies and sent to record stores to promote upcoming albums in the 1970s. These clothesline-style flats measure 12” X 12” when folded, and 12” X 24” when opened. The artwork was printed on one side of these flats, but when they were folded in half, they could be hung over a clothesline type string or line and be displayed as a 12” X 12” in-store poster promotion. When folded over a string or line, the flat will display the album cover art on each outer side of its fold. These flats differ from the promotional album flats of the 1980s in that these clothesline-style flats are printed on a thin paper stock rather than the thin cardstock that was later used. These clothesline flats from the 1970s are rare and collectible promotional posters for any music fan.